Company Profile

CCG Architects/Caldis Cook Group Pty Ltd is a well-established architectural firm. We design responsive environments, delivering sustainable, humanistic solutions that integrate commercial imperatives and social objectives. Our firm offers multi-disciplinary expertise in architecture, interior design, urban design, heritage and planning. These complementary services achieve quality cost and time efficiencies for clients - from project inception to occupation.

CCG's extensive experience and in-depth understanding of a range of building types, including transport, infrastructure (supported by its large railway team and long standing relationship with railway clients), residential, institutional, Heritage and Government projects. Our master planning and urban design experience is extensive and we have completed many major urban design and complex master planning projects, both nationally and internationally.

CCG believe good design is good business. Our offices (in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Bangkok) specialise in translating stakeholder input into built form, acknowledging that clients know their business better than we do. A collaborative approach and comprehensive consultation process allows us to respond to requirements, commercial environments, technical processes and practices, resulting in the optimum design solution.

The company's ISO 9001 compliant quality assurance system employs standard procedures to achieve a commensurate response to requirements wherever and whenever they arise. 

CCG is confident of being able to meet any client's requirements based upon our experience, track record and resources. The firm is currently expanding into other project areas such as electrical infrastructure, health and correctional facilities. Caldis Cook Group's head office is based in Sydney with other offices in Brisbane and now in Melbourne.

"It is our firm's goal to do whatever is best for the Client and project"
   -   Stephen Caldis

"We strive to enrich the life experiences of the public and end users through well considered, creative and sustainable design"
   -   David Cook

"We produce well considered unique design solutions in response to our client's requirements and the public realm in which they reside"
   -   Greg Scott-Young

"Client service is an important part of our business and our aim is to build a long and successful relationship with our key clients and establish new clients based on trust and open communication"
   -   Hisham Noori

CCG Sydney Office