Penrith Commuter Car Park


AW Edwards

Project Value


Work Description

Design and Documentation

The addition design to Penrith Commuter Car Park was done by CCG Architects and were engaged by AW Edwards to provide professional services on the preparation of Design and Documentation for the project. The scope of work was to provide 444 new car spaces for the existing commuters car park which has lead to the achievement outcomes of; being able to extend the Western at grade car park with an additional two (2) levels to the original MSCCP design. This additional was able to provide 356 car spaces to the existing car space. The allowance in extending the original MSCCP design, No.2 suspended slabs to the West has allowed an additional 88 car spaces.

The extended car park is comprised of one groundlevel, one middle level and one roof parking level; where it has allowed two (2) new sets of stairs on the northern and southern side of the extended car park to cater for the additional pedestrian demand. The use of similar materials and fabric from the existing stairs have been carried over to the additional stairs. The MSCCP is able to hold and additional 356 car parking spaces of Class 1 type (2.4m wide by 5.4m long). Installation of new cladding around the extension to the car park was to match the existing cladding. The facility also has an additional 17 passenger lift located adjacent to the existing lift and also provides 50% and greater of naatural ventilation to the structure. The addition of a new way finding and signage is located at the MSCCP.

The project was completed by September 2017, and has provisions for future expansions with 2 additional levels about the new works. 

Penrith Carpark