Hornsby Railway Signal Box


GHD / Transport Construction Authority

Project Value


Work Description

Adaptive Re-use of Old Substation & Signal Box moved to another location

The Signal Box at Hornsby, dating from 1928, was located in conflict with a proposed new track and services corridor. It is double storey masonry structure that represented a significant challenge to relocate, and its relocation was an Australian first. Caldis Cook Group researched, located and briefed the only company in Australia that could relocate a whole masonry building in one piece.

The relocation process involved the entire building being raised on steel beams, supported on computer controlled "dollies", and literally driven to a new location. Though the preparatory work took several weeks, the actual
relocation was accomplished in less than 4 hours.

This relocation technology is often used in the United States, and is now available in Australia. Other than heritage items, it is popular with developers who wish to relocate a structure that may be compromising a development
opportunity. This represents an excellent opportunity for a sustainable approach to design and development, where existing buildings can be adaptively re-used rather than being demolished and contributing to landfill.

In its new location, the Signal Box retains a strong visual relationship with both the railway lines and platforms, and its operation is still able to be successfully interpreted within the context of Hornsby Railway Station.

Hornsby Railway Signal Box