Windsor Station & Bus Interchange


Rail Corporation NSW and Roads & Maritime Services

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Work Description

Section 60 application, Heritage Impact Statement, Concept Design, Design & Documentation and Post Contractual Services.

Windsor Railway Station is listed as an item of state heritage significance on the NSW State Heritage Register. A Section 60 application with Heritage Statement was submitted to the Heritage Council of NSW for approval. The proposed development has an impact on the forecourt of Windsor Railway Station, but is considered acceptable as the new structures allow an unobstructed curtilage to the northern façade of the building. The proposed development does not impact on the cultural significance of individual items in the vicinity or character of the streetscape.

Works included an extension of the existing bus interchange, a car park, retaining walls and roadworks. Associated facilities include steel and glass canopies, landscaping, lighting, drainage and street furniture. The new bus interchange is a significant improvement to the previous one where the bus stops and station entry points were accessed by a number of non-complying walkways and footpaths. The existing arrangement comprised an informal pick up, set down and layover area for buses, taxies and kiss-n-ride vehicles.

Windsor Station & Bus Interchange