Liverpool Police Station


NSW Police Station Force

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Design, Documentation, Post Contractual Services

Engaged as Principal Lend Consultant for the provision of Architectural, Structure Engineering and Services Engineering for the design, documentation and attendance during construction. CCG Architects have completed the design and documentation for a large Metropolitan Local Area Command Police Station in Liverpool, NSW to be integrated with the adjoining Court House.

The original Police Station and Court House were built as an integrated project in 1971 to the design of the NSW Government Architect and present as a typical government building of the time with large expanses of blonde face brick with deeply recessed windows behind heavy precast concrete panels and fascia’s. The Court House is a set back from the street frontage behind a paved forecourt on the southern part of the site, The Court House was recently modernised by CCG Architects to meet current and future operational requirements. The existing Police Station is a three storey structure occupying the northern side of the site, with plain brick facade dominating the street frontage. An access driveway to both facilities is along the north boundary to a paved on the eastern side of the site and basement area.

Recently completed, the major upgrade of the Police Station has created a building three times the size of the current command whilst integrating aesthetically and functionally with the adjoining Court House. The state-of-art facility includes feature advanced technological and IT capabilities to improve crime prevention functionality. The new station accommodates several commands and units including the Proactive Crime Team, Highway Patrol, Crime Management Unit, Criminal Investigators and Task Force facilities. The original building was long past being fit-for-purpose and the upgrade makes it fit for today and into the future. The Custody Area links directly to the courthouse to create a connectivity with the Justice Precinct.

 As well as functionally, the completed building has created a unified architectural form with the courthouse. The existing face brick and concrete panel structure has been opened and replaced with extensive glass, lightweight cladding and louvres to the upper levels to breathe new life into the street scape. This has been contrasted against black granite precast concrete panels and off-form concrete at the lower levels to create an architectural feature that is durable, robust and secure while forming a distinct architectural identity to the building and street. 

It was announced during the official opening that Liverpool Police Station is the largest Police Station Project in NSW.

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