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Croydon Railway Station was part of TfNSW Transport Access Program (TAP), that was aimed to provide a better experience for public transport customers across the State by ensuring infrastructure improvements. TfNSW awarded the Design and Construction Contract of Croydon Railway Station Accessibility Upgrade Project to John Holland Construction Pty Ltd, who engaged CCG Architects to produce architectural and Heritage Architectural Services.

The recently upgraded and completed project at Croydon Railway Station reopened its services to the public on December 2017. CCG Architects and John Holland provided design and construction to the upgrade of the railway station. The project consisted and aimed to provide easy access for all commuters. The installation of two (2) new lifts to platforms 3, 4 and 5 allows for disability access from street level to platform level. A new station entrance was designed on Paisley Road, Hennessy Street and Mata Street to assist in this TAP Program.

The works included the addition to the existing station carpark of two (2) new disabled accessibility parking spaces, plus car parking spaces along Paisley Road with a Kiss n' Ride for daily drop-off and pick-ups. The existing stairs were replaced with new stairs to all platforms and a new concourse and pedestrian footbridge. The way finding and signage was improved at the station to allow an easier accessibility to surrounding public transport services or just to get around the station in a timely manner. The safety at the station was highly improved with extra lighting, help points, fencing, safety and security measures to the car parks, entry points and pedestrian movement.

Along with the recent upgrades to Croydon Railway Station, CCG Architects were involved in producing a set of Heritage Interpretation Panels that will be placed throughout the station to present a wall mounted Heritage Interpretation Panel. These panels will convey a visual representation of the historical changes of Croydon Railway Station. 

Croydon Railway Station