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The Newcastle Interchange will be the main transport hub for Wickham where customers can connect with trains, buses, taxis, the new light rail and to also take advantage of facilities for cyclists and car drop-off and pick-ups.

The design incorporates a generous covered forecourt to facilitate seamless transfer between transport modes while providing rest areas; retail outlets and passenger amenities. The high-level space frame canopy provides weather protection to the forecourt while integrating landscape elements that have been incorporated to define and assist in identifying both the enclosure and entrance.

The Interchange design has fulfilled the design objectives as followed:

Identity - by developing a high-quality design that reflects the civic and gateway roles of the Interchange; Reflecting the unique Newcastle location and character; Creating a strong relationship to the harbour and waterfront open space network; and acknowledging Indigenous history and European heritage with integrated artworks on the site. 

Address - by creating connections to the major activity zones in Hunter Street and the Honeysuckle Precinct; Reinforcing the link to the harbour and waterfront; and Marking the Interchange site with a public space on Stewart Avenue.

Amenity - by optimising solar access capturing morning sun in the Eastern entry and afternoon sun in the main concourse, providing protection from southerly and south-easterly wet weather. Providing a range of uses and facilities to serve customers; and by the selection of materials that are high quality/long life while facilities as cleaning, repair or replacement.

Functional Relationships - by creating circulation and access between modes; encourages and supports the most efficient and sustainable modes in line with the modal access hierarchy; providing convenient easy to use bus/coach/light rail stops that offer high levels of personal safety, security, comfort, cleanliness, information and accessibility; providing clear sightlines for users and overview of different components by station staff; accommodating Kiss n' Ride on Station Street; separating support uses from the Gateline to avoid congestion by locating food and beverage/retail uses to activate the eastern forecourt; locating ticket machines, payphones, timetable information on one side of the concourse to aid passenger flows and to minimise congestion; locating Police Office at concourse level; and bicycle parking close to entries.

[VIDEO] New Transport Interchange at Wickham - Fly-Through (by TfNSW)

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